Modular Armoured Cabin

ModularArmoured Cabin (MAC).

These include the Modular Armoured Cabin (MAC), custom-designedfor the high and extreme mobility MAN HX and SX ranges. The MAC kit consists ofexternal mountable armoured modules. In accordance with STANAG 4569, itprovides protection against ballistic threats up to level 2 and mine threats upto level 2a, including AP DM31. An optional weapon station is also availablefor the armoured cab.

Integrated Armoured Cabin (IAC)

MAN’s Integrated Armoured Cabin (IAC) takes safety tothe next level. Also available for the SX ranges, it provides protectionagainst ballistic threats up to level 3/3b.

Modular Armored Cabin

Equipped for tough service.

Nowadays the threats which arise are of a new quality. It is thus even more important than ever to protect crews on missions to resolve and stabilise conflict situations.

MAN has developed crew protection systems to meet the different requirements: The Modular Armoured Cabin (MAC) is offered for the high- and extreme-mobility MAN HX and SX ranges. The Integrated Armour Cabin (IAC) with higher protection levels is also available for both the HX and SX range.

Protection at level 2/2a.

The MAC kit consists of external mountable armoured modules  and provides protection in accordance with STANAG 4569 against ballistic threats up to level 2 and mine threat up to level 2a including AP DM31.

As an option the cab can be equipped with different weapons  stations.

Qualified for deployment.

Extensive tests and trials for qualification of the MAC have been  successfully completed. 

Ballistic and mine qualification

- Armour material environment test followed by ballistic testing according to the protection level specified

- Verification of ballistic performance on fully equipped vehicles 

- Mine blast detonation underneath and besides armoured truck

Automotive qualification.

 Full-range automotive functionality tests with armoured modules installed.

Verfication of system integration concerning specifi ed climate conditions.

Fatigue testing of armoured cab.

Easy and rapid assembly.

The modular structure of the MAC protective kit permits the rapid assembly of the armoured modules in the depots or in the fi eld. The MAC kit can be assembled or removed within several hours. The spatial conditions and the ergonomics in the cab are unaffected by attachment of the modules.

MAC technical details.

  • Adaptive Solution 
  • Interchangeable between all HX variants
  • Interchangeable between all SX variants 
  • Weight: approx. 1,400 kg
  • Geometry: relevant cab envelope for rail/air transport maintained with armoured modules installed, hardtop removed
  • Assembly/disassembly: several hours subject to conditions and equipment
  • Handling: Packaging of modules suitable for sea transport and forklift, modules storable in 20"  ISO container
  • Hardtop removable, door securing devices, cab-tilting  with armoured modules installed
  • Rated for a service life of at least 20 years
  • 1.5 m fording depth
  • Feature: machine-gun mount
  • Options: ring mount or weapons station