Serie TG

Engineering with all the extras.

If it’s the TGL and TGM or the TGA family, what always accom-panies you is innovative  echnology combined with a high level of safety, exceptional payload capacity and high efficiency.The dynamics of the modern MAN common rail engines in their interaction with the MAN TipMatic gearbox or smooth-shifting manual gearboxes for powerful propulsion are truly exceptional.

A harmonious powerpack as a holistic entity, better synchronised than any special forces team. Why not fi nd out about the exceptional handling and great transport performance of theMAN Trucknology® Generation for yourself?  Above all you will be impressed by the high degree to which these vehicles with their special equipment fulfi l your military requirements.

MAN trucks - TG generation 

The premium vehicles in the MAN Trucknology® Generation (TG) are currently the most up-to-date commercial vehicle programme in Europe. They set the benchmark for reliability and innovation. The TGL, “Truck of the Year 2006¨, stands for professionalism and productivity in 7.5 to 12 tonne trucks.


The TGM, the midfi eld player from 12 to 18 tonnes, is in a class of its own. And the highlight in the weight class from 18 to 50 tonnes is the TGA –a truck with state-of-the-art design and engineering and with high performance in mobility and efficiency.

With theirhighly versatile axle variants, drive formulae (4x2 to 8x8) and engines our TGvehicles open up a new world of possibilities for you.For example, the TGA with MAN HydroDrive®, an engageable, hydrostatic frontaxle drive only available from MAN. To satisfy specificallymilitary requirements we have developed diverse special equipment which willdelight you. And we alone provide you with standardequipment which other suppliers cannot even provide as an extra. And all thisin MAN’s superior quality for maximum reliability wherever the road may lead.

Cabs – ready for military service. 

With TG cabs your wish is truly our command. They are available in every conceivable size, suitable for every requirement and trans-port assignment – ergonomic, practical and good. There are three  cab options for the TGL and TGM – from the compact C cab to  the L design through to the crew cab. The TGA offers you as alternatives the M and L cabs for local and regional service and the XL cab for longdistance assignments – all with military equipment and, of course, in the desired camouflage colours.

■      Roof hatch for observation, in combination with a comfortably upholstered seat with a special standing surface on the  folding back rest

■      Rifl e holders for the entire crew, within easy reach 

■      Military seats with washable covers and heavy duty damping  for off-road operation

■      Washable interior equipment 

 ■      Camouflage covers for windows and mirrors  

■      High fording depth in accordance with STANAG 2805

■      Robust steel bumpers with headlight protection

■      Camouflage lighting and convoy cross, convoy lighting in accordance with military regulations

■      Fuel system according to military requirements

■      Military towing eyes and shackles in front and rear  

■      Military trailer couplings at various coupling heights

■      Electrics/electronics in accordance with military regulations (trailer electrics, external ignition, charging socket, sockets in the cab)

■      Easy opening protective grilles for rear lights and headlight

■      Movable entry step for off-road operation

■      Massive radiator grille to protect against damage during  off-road operation and stone impact in convoys

Equipped for toughmissions.

When the going is tough, the tracks difficult and theclimatic conditions extreme. When the terrain is treacherous and the assignmentespecially difficult – that’s when Trucknology® trucks with special heavy-duty equipment really are in theirterritory. The available extras permit the MAN trucks to step up the pace withthat bit extra mobility, robustness and reliability so that they can complete evenchallenging missions. After all, the only report we want to hear is: missionaccomplished!

Optional heavy-duty equipment:

■      Special fuel tanks

■      Protective fuel tank plates

■      Reinforced cab mounts

■      Pre-separator in the air intake

■      Fuel pre-fi lter with water separator

■      Package for cold conditions

■      Tropical accessorie