Serie HX

HX - High Mobility Truck System

The HX is the all-rounder among all-wheel-drive trucks, developedfor logistic requirements in tough military service. Theperfect supply vehicle with superior off-road capabilities. Basedon MAN’s civilian TGA, it incorporates all of MAN’s expertise incommercial vehicles and all-wheel-drive trucks. The HX combinesthe reliability of tested mass-produced components with state-ofthe-art, innovative engineering. This makes it the most economicalmilitary vehicle in its class. And one of the most durable too,since it is designed for a service life of 20 years. With the variants4x4, 6x6 and 8x8 the HX models cover a wide range of applications– from cargo/troop carrier through to heavy-duty tractor withgross train weights of up to 120 tonnes.

A strong basis – the ladder frame.
The body-friendly, low torsion ladder frame of the HX is based onthe tried and tested series frame of the civilian TGA range and isdesigned for service with a large off road proportion – reliabilitybuilt-in. It is made of high-strength, fi ne grain steel and has rivetedand bolted cross members and a steel bumper. Due to the lowtorsion frame, comfortable and gentle transport is guaranteed.The lateral acceleration acting on the platform or body is low.

Comfortable and robust – the leaf suspension.
Like the frame the suspension has stood the test in many thousandsof MAN vehicles. The leaf suspension further developed forthe HX with long, wear-free, rubber mounted springs, large shockabsorbers and stabilisers absorb most ground irregularities.This gives the HX its comfortable running performance and rollresistanthandling – which is good for the body.

Well situated: Engine and cooling system.
In the HX the diesel engine is situated under the cab. Thethermostat-controlled cooling system and air intake can befound on top of the frame behind the cab which protects themfrom dirt and dust and allows for prolonged fording.