Serie SX

SX - Extreme Mobility Truck System

SX – setting the benchmark.

With its unique off-road capabilities and torsional rigidity the SXsets the benchmark in mobility – high performance off-road. Itcan even get through where only tracked vehicles normally havethe capability. The SX is the leader in its class and either the3- or 4-axle vehicle is predestined for the transport of high-class,complex and sensitive bodies, ideal as a system and weaponcarrier for tactical missions. Its solidity and reliability areunequalled. 

100 % torsional stiffness – the box-type frame.

The extremely torsion resistant box frame with hollow longitudinalmembers and welded tubular cross members put the SX in aclass of its own. With this design the suspension absorbs evenextreme terrain irregularities. The desired consequence: the bodyremains unaffected even during fast off-road driving.

Power from behind – the power pack.
In the SX the engine, cooling system and fully automated converter are combined ina compact power pack behind and under the cab. The cooling system and air intake are thus in a protected area.

Coil-sprung high mobility – the suspension.

The secret of its high mobility isthe progressive coil spring suspension for extremely long spring travel whichpermits rapid adjustment to the terrain. Additional shock absorbers with  integrated dampers on the rear axle are availableon request.  A special highlight is theoptional hydro-pneumatic suspension withintegrated, regulated load-dependent shock absorbers and extremely long springtravel for top driving stability under the toughest conditions. It is equippedwith a height adjustment and can be locked in any position.